About Us

BCS Aircon Engineering has over 10 years of experience on aircon services including, aircon installation, aircon servicing, gas topping, anti-bacterial chemical servicing and chemical overhauling in Singapore. Our team of specialists excelling in all areas of the service to provide the best experience to all customers.


We are committed to maintaining your aircon in the best condition

to keep your home cool all day.

Our Services


Aircon Servicing & Repair

Our general aircon servicing involves cleaning the aircon filters, panel, blower wheel, coil, fan blades and drainage system. Aircon repairs are performed by our experienced professionals. We provide aircon repairs for most aircon systems in Singapore.


Aircon Chemical Cleaning & Overhaul

General chemical cleaning for the aircon provides a thorough cleaning of the unit. A chemical overhaul, compared to general chemical cleaning, is best suited for old and dusty aircon units that require comprehensive maintenance.


Aircon Installation

BCS Aircon Engineering provides air conditioner installation for residential and commercial locations in Singapore. Our services includes aircon replacement upon the installation of new aircon units & systems.

Our Rates

Normal Servicing

  • 1 Unit FCU        $40
  • 2 Units FCU       $60
  • 3 Units FCU       $90
  • 4 Units FCU       $120
  • 5 Units FCU       $140
  • 6 Units FCU       $150

Top up R22 Gas    $40 – $80
Top up R410 Gas   $60 – $120

Chemical Services

  • 1 Unit FCU        $80
  • 2 Units FCU      $150
  • 3 & Above         $75 per unit

Anti-Bacterial Chemical Service per unit $50

Chemical Overhaul

  • 1 Unit FCU       $120 – $150
  • 2 Units FCU      $240 – $300
  • 3 & Above        $120 Per Unit

Checking Fees $60

Aircon Servicing

Working Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon-Sat)

Aircon systems we specialize in: Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, LG, Fujitsu, Carrier, Sanyo, Sharp and more.

Terms & Conditions

  • Appointment after Peak Hour, Sunday & Public Holiday Will Incur an $30 Overtime Charges From The Full Amount.
  • Payment Settle by Cash or Cheque Only.
  • Payment Must Settle on Site.

Brands We Specialize In


  • System Type: The commonly used system is the split-system air conditioners, which consist of indoor units and outdoor compressors. This system keeps the noise out, so the indoors are kept relatively quiet. Other common choices are wall/window units or portable air conditioners.
  • Area & Space: The number of area(s) you require to fit an air conditioner determines which system you require.
  • BTU: British Thermal Units. This is a unit for cooling capacity. A higher value means higher cooling power.
  • Brand & Features: There are different features across brands. Features to consider when buying air conditioners include energy efficiency, noisy level, air purification, manufactured location, inverter / non-inverter.

Your air conditioner will require servicing when:

  • The normal airflow is obstructed
  • The air conditioner unit is leaking water
  • The air conditioner unit is not cool
  • The air conditioner unit has a weird smell
  • The indoor / outdoor unit started producing a weird noise

Reach Us At

Address 3004 Ubi Ave 3 #03-104, Singapore 408860
Phone +65-6493-2920
Email sales@bcs-aircon.com.sg
Work Hours Mon – Sat, 9am to 6pm